Nitrogen Tires part 2

Looking through my spam filter I find the following:


Hello. You may recall that I posted the below entry on your blog, Hot Cup of Joe, countering some of your arguments against nitrogen tire inflation. I was just curious to know why you decided not to publish it? I was always under the impression that the beauty of blogs was that you could often see differing points of view and readers could make their own determination.

That’s only the first paragraph. What follows is a list of links, which is why Akismet caught it as spam. I’m not convinced that it isn’t. It looks like someone going around all the blogs reposting the same copy/paste propaganda. I’ll probably approve the comment later today, but I want to review it first.


3 Responses

  1. It’s an interesting response, but having had enough lunatics reply on my own weblog, it doesn’t really hold. Weblogs allow differing points of view to appear but that doesn’t impose any requirement for a blogger to accept any given reply. Instead it’s a judgement call, ‘will this comment make my blog better?’ If the comment is nonsense, possibly not.

    If someone is posting the same message to various weblogs, then perhaps they should be posting their own weblog instead and choosing where they link to.

  2. What would happen if the tires had the nitrogen in them when you bought them and you added air when the tire was alittle low on pressure?

  3. what happens if you add air to a tire already filled with nitrogen?

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