I’m a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington’s anthropology program, where I received my bachelor of arts in anthropology with a focus on archaeology. I’m about to begin my graduate studies with an eye on at least an M.A. in the field of archaeology if not a Ph.D. My desire is to work in the field of cultural resource management but also to write about anthropology and, in particular, archaeology.

I have a fascination with pseudoarchaeology and so-called “alternative” archaeology and what it is that drives people to believe in this and other pseudoscientific notions, so I also find it interesting and, perhaps, necessary to write about these topics with an intent on clarifying and exposing them for the poor science that they are.

I’ve been blogging off an on for 10 years, with Hot Cup of Joe being my most prolific attempt. My original blog is/was at  http://hotcupofjoe.blogspot.com/ and I moved it after some bad experience with the Blogger auto-spam software which removed/deleted one of my blogs thinking it was link-spam when every bit of the content was original and every link to a legitimate blog or site.

I can be reached at cfeagans AT gmail DOT com


5 Responses

  1. I love your blog. It’s very insightful and interesting. Keep up the great job!

  2. Thought you might be interested in this article from Asylum.com. They sent an archaeologist to fact check the new Indiana Jones movie…http://www.asylum.com/2008/05/22/indiana-jones-an-archaeologists-digs-through-the-truth-and-lies/

  3. Speaking of Indiana Jones, thought this might be something you would be interested in. As millions of people poured into movie theatres across the nation to watch the new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – many were left to wonder about the mystery behind crystal skulls. So many people aren’t aware that crystal skulls really exist in our history. Uncover what archaeologists and scientists have to say about these fascinating artifacts and the theories surrounding there creation only on NationalGeographic.com.

    You can find the story here – http://www.nationalgeographic.com/history/ancient/crystal-skulls.html

  4. book you might like which i just picked up (maybe you’ve read it already): Cult Archaeology & Creationism: Understanding Pseudoscientific Beliefs about the Past. Edited by Francis B. Harrold and Raymond A. Eve.

  5. I just stumbled across your blog in my attempt to broaden my horizons with archaeology. It is quite lovely and very insightful for me. I’ll be sure to bookmark and check back often!

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