Man’s Best Friend

One of my most popular blog entries is actually an article I wrote on called Man’s Best Friends: Part I – The Dog. I had always intended to do at least three parts to that post and things just got hectic and I was distracted from Part II, which would have been about The Horse.

I’ve recently started researching that next article (not sure if I’ll post it here or with Kambiz yet… hmm…), but I thought I share a post that has a painting that was inspired in part by my post. I don’t think I’ve ever written anything that has inspired someone’s art -to be fair, my part of the inspiration was probably minimal, but it’s still cool -and motivating- to think that I’ve  written something that may have inspired someone else’s artistic expression. Thanks for that, Max!

Go and visit Open Anthropology (just added to my blogroll) and the post Canis Homo and see the painting. I was tempted to at least thumbnail it here, but let the curiosity take you someplace new!


5 Responses

  1. Thanks very much to you Carl, it’s great how you managed to compress and translate an awful lot of information and present it in a way that I am sure inspired many different thoughts among your readers, that’s quite an artistic in itself.

  2. I can’t wait for Part II – Equus Homo!

  3. Believe it or not, Bora, I have a post of yours already bookmarked that I’m using as a source of information!

  4. Ooh! Now you have me double-excited! LOL

    Happy New Year!!!

  5. My human mom had an amazingly close relationship with a horse for many years. It was like they could read each other’s minds. She even risked her life for him once. She always said she would, and sure enough, she was tested, and passed. That horse also protected her. A horse and human relationship is a special one.

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