Geeks and their Toys

I’m hooked. I’m an addict and I admit it.

It all began about one year ago when I caught my first episdode on PBS. Since then, I’ve sought out and watched each episode of Dr. Who (the modern series, that is).

And now I’ve found the perfect geek toy:

The Sonic Screwdriver!

Sonic Screwdriver


One Response

  1. Love it!
    I fell prey to Dr. Who in exactly the same way.
    Being quite crafty I found a crochet pattern for a pair of cuddly daleks, and it’s been hinted that I might receive my very own K-9 this Solstice!
    Many prefer the 9th or 10th doctor, but I love ’em equally I guess, for their own merits.
    Geeky, but great.

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