Kevin Trudeau is still a liar

One of the most popular (i.e. the most clicked on/referred by google/etc) post I ever did was also one of my first. It was Review: Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures: Part 1 and it easily has the most comments. My old blog at Blogger is still getting hits & comments all the time. Here’s the latest (in italics below with my responses in bold):


well I am outraged. I personally went through a battery of tests in my 20’s and went through 5 heart specialists, was misdiagnosed, missed two months of work, and finally diagnosed with mild MVP!

I’m very sorry to hear that.

So yes, it is possible for the “medical” specialists to be idiots and completely miss something as simple as MVP.

I’m always fascinated that those that cannot meet the expectations of some are automatically idiots, regardless of the issue at hand.

And as for the injection of cellular material, I dont know much about that but what the heck do you think is in vaccinations????? Chicken embryos, monkey livers ect….Doesnt the medical community claim this is a perfectly safe procedure to inject our children with?

Are you suggesting that vaccinations are “chicken embryos” and “monkey livers?” Vaccinations are comprised of vaccines, which are killed or otherwise inert forms of microorganisms like bacteria or viruses. They “teach” the immune system what the actual virus looks like so that it might be recognized and more easily defeated during phagocytosis and other immune responses to foreign invaders. There are no chicken embryos and monkey livers involed except perhaps in the cultivation or collection of the microorganisms.

How much longer can they continue to deny that they are causing our children to have autism and other diseases with these “recommended” vaccinations.

Why should they do anything *but* deny it? Why would medical professionals admit to an assertion based on hysteria, ignorance, poor education, and out-right confabulation and fear-mongering? There isn’t a single bit of scientific evidence which suggests that vaccines have anything to do with “autism and other diseases.”

You should do a little more research before you bash alternative treatments.

And you should obtain an education before you take a stand based on ignorance. It makes you look foolish. And, for that reason, it is perhaps wise that you chose to be anonymous in leaving your comment. But please: cite a source of information that should have been included in my “research.” If you reply to that at all, I’m sure it will be the standard woo retort, “why should I do your research for you,” given whenever said research doesn’t really exist except in the imagination.

Why not try acupuncture-you will find yourself in better shape for having had a treatment.

I might as well try eating deep-fried bannana peels and smoking cattail leaves. There’s precisely the same amount of evidence that they have any redeeming value in putting one in “better shape” as acupuncture.

I for one, after reading Kevin’s books, am happy to say, my family is drug free, healthier, and better for having been given Kevin’s powerful and true information.

Kevin Trudeau is a con artist. He’s a quack. A hack. He’s an asshole out to rip good, hardworking Americans off -stealing there money by making them fear medicine and doctors. I hope you don’t have to find it out the hard way.

Good luck to you and good health to you and your family.

To all else that read this comment, this is a good example of why science education and critical thinking skills should not be neglected in America to the extent that they are. I’m not a fan of “big pharma” and other corporations that are willing to profit on the misery and needs of hard-working people. Kevin T. has made himself out to be a “champion” of the underdog and the people, but he’s really out for #1. Himself. The guy *is* the establishment he pretends to warn others about. He exploits the fact that science education and critical thinking skills are not at a premium and that he can scam his marks into “buying” a book that doesn’t actually reveal any information about “natural cures.”

There is no substitue for scientific medicine. There is no “alternative” to it. Its either scientific or it isn’t.


5 Responses

  1. The recent “Airborne” debacle is yet another sign of the demise of critical thinking, even among educated people. I know people with degrees in engineering that swear by Airborne and its ability to cure a cold…
    (some of the comments by true believers are classics!)


    Read the court documents about how Kevin Trudeau committed fraud with people’s credit cards

  3. “Kevin Trudeau is a con artist. He’s a quack. A hack. He’s an asshole out to rip good, hardworking Americans off -stealing there money by making them fear medicine and doctors. I hope you don’t have to find it out the hard way.”

    what do you think the FDA is doing to us. Instead of putting chemicals in my body I would rather try natural remedies. I have been to the doctor way too many times and they have yet to give me something that actually helps me..

  4. The FDA does nothing to you but protect you from false and misleading claims while ensuring that manufacturers and promoters of drugs do so safely. Is that system perfect? No. Far from it. There should be more stringent enforcement and tougher laws in place that force drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to be more open and objective in their testing and development.

    And there should *definitely* be more regulation of so-called “natural” and “alternative” remedies peddled by charlatans and con artists like Trudeau who prey on the ignorant, the gullible, and those desperate for health assistance.

    Two fallacies exist in your comment: 1) The assumption that the FDA puts chemicals in your body -it doesn’t. It’s a regulatory and oversight agency; 2) the assumption that because something is “natural” that it must be good for you or that it will help you.

    There’s also the implied fallacy that because medicines are man-made that they aren’t “natural.” News flash, sister: if it exists its natural, i.e. within the natural world. That’s what science is and does: it observes the natural world and explains what is observed using rational and logical thought. Medicine is developed using what the natural sciences observe.

    Furthermore, many medicines are derived by directly observing nature and the natural qualities of things including chemical compounds, bacteria, viruses, plants, and animals. The beauty of scientific medicine is that enough understanding of a drug is obtained that controlled quantities, doses, and contraindications are evaluated and considered -pure and known substances are used to create a specific medicine, a remedy, for a specific diagnosis.

    That’s something that con artists and snake oil opportunists (a.k.a. thieves) like Trudeau would rather people not consider. It hurts their bottom line ($$$) and gets in the way of their profit margins when ignorant people become educated. But the beauty of ignorance is this: education, genuine realization, and rational thought are the only remedies you’ll ever need for it.

    Take all the “natural” and “alternative” remedies you wish. If you get better, perhaps that bit of golden seal or echinacea helped. Or, perhaps, your body healed itself (bodies do that with t-cells, phagocytosis, anti-bodies, etc.) and you’re suffering from confirmation bias. That sort of bias affects us all at one point or another.

    But don’t let your ignorance and lack of understanding cause you to ingest something that you: 1) aren’t sure is really what it is advertised to be (no oversight & regulation means natural remedy providers don’t answer to anyone with regard to quality control), and 2) have no idea of the dose or quantity. Some very harmless “natural” remedies can be very toxic in large or pure doses. Again, the lack of oversight and quality control means you have no idea of the dose.

  5. Great post and I share your assessment of Trudeau. He is simply a remorseless sociopath and is only out for himself. How normal people can buy into his pose as a ‘consumer advocate’ is beyond my understanding. Perhaps Americans are even dumber than I thought. Trudeau and his cohorts should be locked up.

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