Moving to WordPress

I‘m making the move to WordPress. Sorry, Blogger, but I can’t risk the chance that you might delete this blog too.

Hot Cup of Joe (at WordPress)

I’ll make the move gradually and will post simultaneously between the two blogs for a while, but eventually all business will be at the new blog address:

Can you believe it? Someone snatched up “ just a few days ago? And they aren’t doing a thing with it. Meh.

The reason for the move is that I have another blog, which I keep totally separate and anonymous from this one that was removed/deleted. Ostensibly because the Blogger software picked it up as link-spam. Over a week ago, I notified blogger and their automated response to the “restore blog” link was something along the lines of “give us a few days to review your blog.”

There was no more advertising than is here (adsense, which is owned by Google -which owns Blogger!) and the content was all original and the links were to legitimate sites. This is outrageous and I urge anyone that has a Blogger account that they blog with to archive their favorite posts and make a back up of your template. You might even consider putting Blogger behind you. I’ve been blogging on blogger in some form or another since the 90’s!

Anyway, I hope that the move to WordPress will be a good one. It might even inspire me to write more since WordPress is so much easier to post to and update. It doesn’t have the flexibility that Blogger has in that you can’t update the template or use javascript, but I’m digging it so far.

Go there and see. And, if you check my blog regularly and usually don’t post, please leave me a comment at The Move to WordPress and let me know what you think. Are you willing to update your blogroll links (if you have a blog with my blog listed)? Are you willing to keep checking me at the new blog site? Are you okay with the new look (couldn’t stand the old look)?

Hot Cup of Joe (at WordPress)


5 Responses

  1. zuereally a cool blog… great inputs fantastic.. i m fan of ur blog… even i have a blog please visit and give me feedback

  2. There should be an import from Blogger option on the control panel which could be useful. It means your back posts will be visible regardless of what Blogger does.

  3. sorry to hear of your loss – I had no idea blogger went around deleting blogs like that, I’d have thought they’d at least contact you first.

  4. Thanks Alun! It took all of 10 minutes to do!

    And, as an update, Tim, Blogger finally restored the other blog. Total down time was nearly two full weeks (it was removed on 11/27). Not a single correspondence from Blogger.

    One of these days, perhaps I’ll establish my own domain name and get my own server space…

  5. The site is looking very good. You’ve done a great job of making the template look like it’s specifically yours.

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