Four Stone Hearth #19

The Four Stone Hearth is posted at Sherd Nerd! This is the 19th edition of the anthropology blog carnival and click the link to Sherd Nerd find a host of links to anthropology bloggers doing their thing in archaeology, cultural anthropology and physical anthropology. Bloggers this month include John Hawks, afarensis, Aardvarchaeology, Testimony of the Spade, and Abnormal Interests among many others.

For those unaware, a blog carnival is a parade and public celebration of posts, gathered together in the same genre for the ease of the reader. One purpose of the carnival is to allow both readers and writers of blogs to become acquainted with blogs they might not otherwise encounter.

If the Four Stone Hearth is something you’re interested in submitting to in the future and you are willing to write post on your blog related to one of the four fields of anthropology (archaeology, cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, or linguistics), click the first link in this paragraph. If interested in hosting this carnival, feel free to click that link and you’ll find the appropriate email address and instructions.


One Response

  1. Cool blog. Not sure which of my blogs I should link it to:
    (marine archaic research)
    (virtual coffee spot)

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