Kevin Trudeau: Pseudo-Advocate for the Consumer

Kevin Trudeau has been a topic of concern since my very first post here at Hot Cup of Joe. I’ve received lots of e-mail and comments and Trudeau continues to be one of the most consistent search hits from places like Google. All this in spite of the fact that my blog is mostly an archaeology and anthropology blog, though I try to concern myself with skepticism from time-to-time.

That being said, I received a recent comment on Part 1 of my Natural Cures review that I wanted to put on the front page. Kevin Trudeau is a self-labeled “consumer advocate” and, as the anonymous commenter below points out, this is naught but a deception to make money. I’ve edited Anonymous’ post for spelling and grammar, but the rest is his/her original words, which you can find in the comments linked above. Thank you, Anonymous, for sharing this with us, and read the rest below the fold:

Listen to all of you who swear by Kevin and his stories are lame there are so many people he has ripped off and continue to rip off I aught to know I worked for his company selling his books. I believed in him until I went into customer service and actually saw how the people that believed in him were treated by the company that does his distribution and shipping

I thought that if I got into the customer service part of the company I could actually help people and that is totally wrong his newsletter cost people a bunch of money all at once and the thing is that half of them never knew it until they had an over draft charge. Their way of dealing with the customers is to have us reps tell them that they will be receiving their refunds in approximately 60 days and you don’t know how many time I had to calm customers down because they were ripped off and there was nothing I could do to help them.

He is the biggest scam artist ever. he prays on old people and poor people that are looking for some cure that his infomercials claim are in the book Yes, if you have a computer and the resources there is some good things in there, but most of it is garbage because I have looked it up on line myself because I refused to order his book which seeing as I worked there I could’ve gotten it for free. I didn’t want it because it is useless.

Don’t get scammed by the new book on weight loss. Please take my advice and don’t bother especially if you have the CD because they are the same with just a hair of different info in them.

I am also going to find the web page for all the complaints against him and post an apology to all the customers I promised I would help because I was never allowed to call them back by company policy -I would’ve had to do it on my own time even though the supervisor tells us to tell them we will call back with info when received she never gets back to rep to do cb even when reminded she is not a bad person either just doing her job

Thank you, Anonymous, for coming forward with your story. Doubtless, there are many die-hard Trudeau followers (he really does have a cult following) that will label you a “heretic” and discount your story as that of a disgruntled employee, but you’ve characterized what I’ve been saying about Trudeau all along: he’s a con man praying on the weak, needy and desperate. He’s not a consumer “advocate” at all, but rather a leach, sucking money from them where he can with his fangs of deception. Trudeau successfully deceives the public into thinking that he’s their advocate and that he’s protecting them against the “establishment.”

The reality is that Trudeau is exactly the problem he claims to be an advocate against: corporate theft of consumer capital with regard to health concerns.

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3 Responses

  1. Hi, my name is Anna. Alot of people that don’t believe in Kevin’s book have probably never tried a natural cure, didn’t use one right or use it for long enough. The question is, do natural cures exist? Well, I have read Kevin’s first book and I’ll admit that he “is” making a huge profit off of it. I tried some of his cures and found that they actually do work. After duing alot of research on the subject I was astonished at how long this information has been around, long before we ever even heard of Kevin Trudeau. Kevin was just smart enough to use it to his advantage. There IS a problem in the US regarding our health. You would have to be blind not to see it. Why do you think Aisa has almost no heart disease and America does? It’s because of the food that we eat. If we ate more natural foods like the people in Aisa, we would have less heart disease. Are those foods a natural cure? To our heart disease it is. In Kevins book, he claims that boiled ginger helps with a cold or flu. Actually it does. Every time I use it along with other herbs I’m better by the next morning. And I’m not talking about a twenty four hour flu either, I’m talking about two week colds. I got rid of my cold after having it for only two days. Instead of using a nasal decongestant I ate a raw oninion (something someone from russia told me to use) and my nose was cleared up by that night. Every hour or so I would cut up an onion (a small one, or as much as I could handle) and eat away. But here’s the catch about these cures, they are nothing new. People in India use chai tea with ground ginger when they get sick all the time. In Russia, way up north, raw onions are used to clear bacteria out of the nose. These cures have been used for thousands of years. Do people really think that before modern time human beings didn’t find other methods of curing things? Of course they did. That’s what medicine men and women were for. People died of plagues yes, but we could still die of plagues today. Conventional medicine however, can take care of immediate situations like staff infections, problems in child birth and other things. That’s why we still need conventional medicine. Unless you have a severe disorder that could kill you, or a mental illness you don’t need to use long term drugs. It IS a big money market and there IS law suits going on for all sorts of drugs. There are additives in our food that are addictive. Look what’s going on all around us. KFC switched to soybean oil, Mc.Donalds is getting into trouble now. If there wasn’t a problem with American food, why is there so many obese people walking around? Health food stores have already figured out what Kevin figured out and we all can’t denie that a healthy lifestyle will probably save you from alot of sickness. You know what the problem is? Americans are just very stupid and Kevin knows this. He knows that we’ve been brain washed into using all these drugs, cleaning with toxic chemicals, eating food from our local “pusher and supplier”. He knew that natural cures would be this new and amazing idea for all us stupid Americans and that it would make him alot of money. And all of this goes on while people in some other cultures are wondering why we eat and use so much crap. It’s nothing new to them. We’ll believe anything we’re told and eat anything that’s sold as long as it’s packaged under a big company name. If you read Kevin’s book, take it with a grain of salt, but If you do your research you’ll learn so many things that you didn’t know before. Don’t throw natural herbal remedies out the door completely just because Kevin listed them in his book. They do work and people have been using them for thousands of years. It’s just that no one brought them to light like he did. And he should make money from it. He’s got to eat too. Trust me, Many of these cures worked for me. I don’t know about cancer, I never had it. But for things like colds, flus, menstral cramps and such, they worked. Most of these cures are really just ways of replacing things in your body that were lacking, ways of stopping the use of over toxified food, and just very basic things that aren’t that hard to grasp. Eliminating the use of a product that is making you sick in my book, is a cure. So yes, natural cures do exist, and using them would probably cost the food and drug companies too much money. Is it so hard to believe that our government would allow something that could kill us? Uh, YES! Tabacco!

  2. I agree with Anna, the stuff in Kevin’s book do hold a lot of weight but as she pointed out, these “cures” have been around since before modern medicine. I don’t think there is anything wrong with him marketing himself and these books for profit, but what is sick is the way his company does business. I ordered his books from ITV and was flat out lied to about the price. I was quoted one price during the time of ordering and charged another price (which was triple what I was quoted). It’s one thing to sell your product for profit, but to lie to people who are willing to pay is needless. After contacting the company serveral times I have finally given up with them, but I do plan to tell as many people I can about ITV’s and Kevin Trudeau’s customer service. For someone that claims to care so much about people and their health he sure does a lousy job at customer service. And as Anna pointed out, Kevin has to put food on the table too, I just hope he chokes on it.

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