Carnival of the Godless #50…

is up at Salto Sobrius. So go get your good godless gifts of great godless groupies today.

And when you’re done there, visit The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science. Billing itself as a “clear thinking oasis,” the RDF is fast becoming one of my favorite places on the internet. There, you will find links to various articles and newsbits that affect the godless, the secular, atheists and agnostics, or those concerned about the juxtapositions and impositions of science and religion. Dawkins’ feature article is Collateral Damage 1: Embryos and Stem Cell Research. Here, Dawkins examines the effect of recent U.S. legislation on stem cell research and comments,

“[a]pparently the President’s ethical philosophy places a higher value on American embryos than on Iraqi or Lebanese men, women and children. Don’t misunderstand ’embryos’, by the way. We are not talking miniature babies here. The ’embryos’ used for stem cell research are no bigger than a pinhead, and completely lacking in sentience of any kind.”

Read also at RDF: “Smashing the Sacred Teapot“, and ” Misbegotten Sons,” two reviews of Dawkins’ new book, The God Delusion; and “God’s Gift to Kansas,” another article by Richard Dawkins that criticizes the tendency of some to attribute “god did it” to gaps in human knowledge rather than engage in inquiry and allow science to examine these ‘gaps.’
The RDF site is still a work in progress, but the site’s builders have been kind enough to at least layout the site and show us what’s expected to be added. There’s a section where email correspondence will be displayed, called The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, with appropriately assigned images of public figures. The Store and Columns sections are as yet unfinished and the Newsletter is in the works. I keep clicking each of these hoping to sign up for an email newsletter, eager for more columns to read, and desperately wanting my RDF coffee mug! But I noticed the message board is up. From the RDF site, click on Forum and it will take you there.

Other can’t-miss sites in the godless genre are:
Dispatches from the Culture Wars (blog)
Pharyngula (blog)
The Rejection of Pascal’s Wager (online book)
Internet Infidels (message board and electronic resources)


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